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SAVAGE CARAMEN LOCALEOK_495892803_edited.png


SAVAGE was born from the inspiration of reclaimed wood from the homes of yesteryear. 

A project that recaptures the charm of antique parquet. 

The surface, the grain, and the imperfections are signs that tell the story of those who have trodden and lived on it. 

The product has a marked structure to enhance these emotions, a decisive and intense graphic movement.

The collection is made of porcelain stoneware in a single rectified 20x120 size in four colours, Caramel, Cognac, Natural and Almond. 

Savoia’s masterly work gives character and exclusivity to rooms; 

Savage is a ceramic wood positioned on different levels of interpretation, from modern contexts to renovating historic and precious dwellings.

The Natural and Caramel colours are also available, as a special order, in the R11 finish to adorn outdoor spaces while maintaining aesthetic continuity

with the home’s interior.

A unique floor from bygone days but with a contemporary spirit. Tecnology and art fused. 

39 different graphics

Plain Tile

Livello 2_edited.jpg
Savage Almond
Livello 2_edited.jpg
Savage Caramel
Livello 1_edited.jpg
Savage Cognac
Livello 1_edited.jpg
Savage Natural


20x120 cm rectified

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