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The idea that has always guided our company is to build beautiful and design environments brought to the market at an affordable price. We are focused  on the quality of raw materials and  on the Made in Italy 

To achieve this, we have been working with passion and commitment for the past 25 years, investing in all areas that create value: from research and development to logistics, from homogeneous organization to actual production,

All this is in the belief and awareness that beauty and innovation can grow only in those organizations where the person is at the main centre and where respect, growth and learning are the true assets that make a difference


We Are +39

PLUS 39 is not just a Tile Distributor
With our factories located in Fiorano, Sassuolo, Finale Emilia and Borzano Di Albinea - Italy,  Moma Group   is therefore ready to face the challenge of the coming years with a global production of 23.5 million square meters divided into: 9 million square meters Double fired ceramics in red body,  3 million double fired in white body and 11.5 million porcelain stoneware

PLUS 39 was born from the desire of always wanting to be close to the customer. We listen with close attention so we're able to
offer an invaluable, personal service aimed to our customers’needs.
Thanks to our lab and research facilities, we are able to study and produce products which satisfy any specific market’s request and we have UK stock of large quantities of material to
guarantee all our customers a fast and efficient delivery service.
Our weekly stock deliveries allow us to be able to readily supply and deliver orders in the fastest and most efficient possible way.
We are directly connected with our Production Dept. in Italy, so orders can be processed very quickly. “Made In Italy” is not just a quality warranty, but it also means innovation, creativity and elegance. Thanks to the 4 brands of Ceramiche Moma – Savoia Italia, Idea
Ceramica, Herberia & Paul Ceramiche, we can always cover the best that “Made in Italy” can offer, satisfying all the market’s requests by presenting our products with our merchandising. We always endeavour to give value to our products and to our
customers' showrooms by means of our image

Tradition, quality, innovation: these are the strengths of Italian ceramics, a category to which Moma Ceramiche Group belongs both by vocation and on merit. Identifying oneself with the international brand of value “made in Italy” requires passion for that which is well-made, the choice to produce ceramics of excellent quality and above all 100% made in Italy. What counts most when competing in the markets of the world is the high level of creativity arising in the land of beauty, where designers, technicians and workmen are trained according to the principle of aesthetic value achieved by bringing design talent together with painstaking attention at every step of the production process. Italian art – ever entwined with craftsmanship of the first order – lends lifeblood to industry, the ceramic industry in particular, with its great past. Moma Ceramiche Group puts itself forward as the partner of contemporary design, with the aim of offering design professionals new possibilities for creative application in architecture and interior design. Its technological know-how with the future in mind permits the creation of a high-performance, versatile and innovative product. Its proposals, following on from thorough design phases and fine-tuning, are the result of colour research and material and graphic effects that, despite their individuality, ensure wide-ranging application of the collections, with a view to coordinating and matching floor and wall tiling. There’s an extremely broad range of products in the catalogue, permitting a rethink of living spaces in the various use solutions – living room, kitchen, bathroom – and application areas – residential, commercial, public and private – offering materials, surfaces, finishes and sizes for all design ideas and the most up-to-date aesthetic requirements.


Our wide range of tiles includes many and different sizes from the traditional 20x50, 25x40, 25x60 and 25x75 as well as more modern & larger sizes such as 80x80, 60x120, 90x90, 100x100, 60x60, 40x80, 30x60 and 20x120. Our porcelain offers natural lines as well as semi-polished, rectified and natural finishes. Our floor tiles are also accompanied by mosaics and always offer a wide range of listello and decors, suitable to personalize your environment and make you feel comfortable. We can also offer anti-slip porcelain tiles and products of 2mm thickness and thanks to the way we work, we can deliver directly to either warehouse or site.


We are proud and delighted to share our products and vision with you and remain at your disposal should you require any further information.


Call us: 01634 254418


Visit us: Coronation House, Vicarage Lane, Hoo, Kent, ME3 9LB

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri - 8:30am - 5:00pm

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