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HPPP02 Pulpis Silver_4.jpg


A single element can evoke strong emotions, but when several elements are mixed they can create something extraordinary. Classicism, perfection and harmony give rise to a new and unique porcelain stoneware collection with marble effect: PULPIS. The result of such a great idea are 5 colours – almond, beige, greige, silver and taupe – in the sizes 60×120 and 100×100.


HPPP04 Pulpis Almond_1.jpg
Pulpis Amond
HPPP01 Pulpis Beige_1.jpg
Pulpis Beige
HPPP02 Pulpis Silver_4.jpg
Pulpis Silver
HPPP03 Pulpis Greige_3.jpg
Pulpis Greige
HPPP05 Pulpis Taupe_3.jpg
Pulpis Taupe


100x100 cm

60x120 cm

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