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HMCI02_MP Statuario Lux_3.jpg

Marble Chic

A selection of marbles with a strong decorative impact.

Refined and elegant, Marble Chic offers soft and luminous surfaces that give off the intrinsic beauty of a material that is always up-to-date.

The many decorations and veins with a strong emotional impact, specially designed to be combined with the Marmi Pregiati collection, transform the ceramic material into a real furnishing element.

The Marble Chic collection, made in white body in the 25×75 size, leaves no room for the unfinished, with colours ranging from white to grey and available in matt finish, to reinterpret a more contemporary taste, and in glossy finish, with a more classic aesthetic impact typical of precious stones. The collection is divided into 13 items including 5 backgrounds, 2 reliefs and 5 decorations.

This new collection is perfect for creating environments with a unique and highly original impact, elevating the concept of Deluxe refinement to all living spaces.

16 different pattern

HMCI02_MP Statuario Lux_3.jpg
Marble Chic Statuario


25x75 cm

HMCI02_MP Statuario Lux_3.jpg
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