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The BOTANICAL collection draws the shapes of nature by mixing contemporaneity and elegance. The glossy surface in the 25x75 size offers three different concepts, three Jungle versions, with the intense and overbearing green of the “Green Savage”, a cooler version “Blue Forest”, and the abstract of the “Essential” decoration; two modern themes “Nordic” and “Garden” and two floral proposals revisited in a contemporary key, “Romantic” and “Water Colour”. The collection is completed with five coloured backgrounds that embrace the different graphic variants, ready to dress the walls of any room in the house.

Plain Tiles

Pigment Gloss White.jpg
 Pigment Gloss White UK Stock
Pigment Gloss Green.jpg
 Pigment Gloss Green  Uk Stock
Pigment Gloss Blue.jpg
  Pigment Gloss Blue 
           UK Stock
Pigment Gloss Violet.jpg
   Pigment Gloss Violet          Special Order
Pigment Gloss Grey.jpg
Pigment Gloss Grey Special Order
           UK Stock
Decoro Romantic_.jpg
           Uk Stock
     Uk Stock           
Blue Forest_.jpg
          Blue Forest            UK Stock
Green Savage.jpg
      Green Savage                  UK Stock
Water Color_.jpg
          Water Color                      UK Stock
             Nordic                     Special Order


25x75 cm

Botanical_Green Savage_bar1_edited_edited.png
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