The fascination of wood recovered from old boats has been the sparkle inspiring the complicated design of the SEAWOOD series. Thanks to a skillful mix of traditional and digital technique, we obtained a floor with a rich, material, deep look, which combines the esthetic suggestion of handcraft recovered enamel-painted wood with a design product suitable for both modern and traditional applications that do not go unnoticed. To make designing even more complete, the range of four colours - ICE-SAND –BROWN and COLORS - has been integrated with a choice of sizes: 10x80, 12.9x80 and 20x80 cm that can be mixed as wished or used individually, and not only on floors but on walls as well. The excellent look of the SEAWOOD series is matched with superior technical characteristics as it is a glazed porcelain stoneware, thickened at 11 mm and rectified-


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